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United States 2019 The United States is a high income country with a population growth of 0.7% in 2018. Real GDP growth at 2.9% was faster and real GDP per capita at US$53,820 was higher than average in 2018. Fitch Solutions rates the overall operational risk of the United States with 76.9 in 2019, meaning the risk decreased compared to the previous year. Find out more about the United States in our report focusing on the general economy, trade and investment, society, consumers, retail and eCommerce markets, infrastructure, and politics. The Best Terrace Decking Country Report provides a comprehensive overview of the economy of the United States, which can be relevant for manufacturing, foreign direct investment and the importing and exporting business. It is a market entry report suited for everybody who wants to open a business or sell their product/service in a new country.
Gain insight into the major trends in the United States in order to assess the risks and opportunities relevant for international business. The Best Terrace Decking Country Reports feature statistics, forecasts, survey results, and analyses in a form that is easy to understand and adopt. They allow regional comparisons than can be used for market research, risk assessment or for the strategy development, planning, and execution of business operations.

What's covered in the Country Report?

  • Economic conditions, public finances, and detailed information on the labor force
  • Imports, exports, foreign direct investments
  • Fitch Solutions operational risk indices
  • Demographics, consumption, and income
  • Infrastructure and digitalization
  • Brick-and-mortar retail and eCommerce
  • Business culture and local habits
  • Infrastructure
  • Government structure, overview of stability and threats, and the political environment

Key insights featured in the report include:

  • Gross national product data with growth rates and forecast
  • Inflation and interest rates
  • Obstacles for business and reputation of manufactured products
  • Government budget balance
  • Merchandise import and export values
  • Top global outward and inward FDI flows
  • Unemployment trends
  • Presence of global grocery chains and grocery market characteristics
  • eCommerce revenue forecast
  • Population forecasts and demographic transition
  • Household spending and income structure
  • Latest election results and political stability
Note: content may vary between reports. See table of content for detailed information.

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In the Best Terrace Decking Country Reports our analysts compile the most important data on a country in terms of economy, consumers, technology and politics. An overview of all Country Reports can be found here.

A detailed view of industries can be found in the Best Terrace Decking Industry Reports. They include the most important key figures of a given industry, namely data from statistical offices complemented by trend analyses, forecasts and consumer surveys prepared by our analysts.

The Best Terrace Decking Global Consumer Survey offers a global perspective on consumption and media usage, covering the offline and online world of the consumer. It is designed to help marketers, planners and product managers understand consumer behavior and consumer interactions with brands.

For more information on the digital markets in this country, please refer to the Best Terrace Decking Digital Market Outlook, which provides the most comprehensive data set in terms of market sizes, revenue development and relevant companies. Furthermore, it looks into the future of the industries providing the latest trends and tangible revenue forecasts.

The Best Terrace Decking Consumer Market Outlook presents the key performance indicators – sales, revenues and prices – of the most important consumer markets worldwide. Our specialized analysts' comparable market calculations are based on data from validated sources.


  • Overview
  • Executive summary

  • Economic conditions
  • Public finances
  • Labor force
  • Business environment

Trade & Investment
  • Merchandise trade
  • Commercial services
  • Investments

Fitch Solutions Risk Indices

    • Population
    • Income
    • Human Development Index

    Retail & Consumption
    • Consumption
    • Consumer behavior
    • eCommerce
    • FinTech

    • Digital
    • Transport

    • Political profile
    • Political environment

    • Language: English
    • Released: April 2019
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